On-Site Machining Services
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On-Site Machining Services

At Fundy Machining & Millwright Services, we can provide onsite machining services that include Portable Machining, Precision Base Milling and Pipe Cutting, Specialty Onsite Machining and much more.

On-site machining services, also known as portable machining services, are critical for correcting field equipment breakdowns. With on-site machining, you are no longer subject to the vagaries of shipping lines and third-party wait times. You receive top-quality, accurate machining services right at the site of the breakdown. The benefits of portable machining services include:

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Fundy Grinding is operated by Licensed Millwrights who have over 40 years’ experience in various companies, including Top 5000 international companies.

We are an expert and reliable Millwright company offers full Millwright services, 24/7 on call, emergency services as well as satisfying your maintenance planning service needs.

We provide a full-suite of millwrighting services from installations to preventative maintenance:

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